Gains from Environmental Activism

Environmental activism refers to the coming together of various groups of individuals and organizations that work in collaboration in social, scientific, political, and conservational fields with the main purpose of addressing environmental concerns.

Why do we need these diverse groups to come together for the environmental cause. Why can’t we have a world where everyone is taught to look after the environment. The very fact that, we need “Environmental Activism” to address the environment concerns is a testimony to the sad state of affairs of our world. Post Industrialization, the world had grown at break neck speed having scant regard for environment. There were tell tale signs of degradation of environmental in every city which embraced industrialization. The “SMOG” , “ACID RAINS”, “FLASH FLOODS”, “DROUGHTS” etc have all been the results of us paying little or no regard for environment.

So how do we revive and restore our environment back and pass it on to the next generations in a condition, better than earlier. Environmental activism can work towards restoring our environment. The coming together of like minded groups and individuals with the common cause of nurturing our environment, would be welcomed by many world over.

So what could be the gains arising out of environmental activism. Can we expect a better world where all concerns expressed by the learned environmental scientists gets addressed. I would say we have got ourselves in to such a situation where we are forced to use appliances like air purifier to clean the bad air which we want to breath in. These appliances in turn require energy to get powered thus polluting the very air which one is trying to purify.

Gains from environmental activism would come gradually and some of them may not be visible over ones lifetime. But the efforts to restore the environment to earlier levels, say 5 years hence or 10 years hence, to begin with should continue.

eReader or Hard Bound – What’s your call now

This debate has gone on for more than a decade now. There are avid readers who are on the either side of the divide. eReader was launched as preferred eco friendly option for the readers. Kindle, as a pure eReading device and iPad as an electronic gadget which could also double up as a reading device, were lapped up by enthusiasts early on. Obituaries were written about the Hard Bound books. But despite what an eReader offers, the sales have not grown as rapidly as one would have thought about 6-7 years back.

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Solar Rooftop System Buying Guide

In most of the cities, today, if you happen to carryout a drone survey, the images of black and grey squares dotting the landscape of the buildings top, would be too difficult to ignore. Solar Rooftop plants have become very common. City residents have increasingly adopted the same and have gone out of the way to accommodate them on to their rooftops. The steep decline in the module prices has also been a key factor. Recently announced benchmark rates for grid connected solar rooftop systems, by MNRE for the year 2020-21, up to 3 kW are in the range of Rs 42-47 per Watt while for the ratings up to 500 kW, the benchmark rates are Rs 36 per Watt. The steep reduction in the prices of Solar Rooftop over last 3 years have been mind boggling.

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Do You Believe in Sustainable Living – Check Here

We all nowadays hear quite often about sustainable living. The youngsters today are smitten by this word and consider this as in-thing. In broader parlance, today’s youngsters wants to contribute to the society in whichever way its possible. They are very concerned about our depleting resources and deteriorating environment. Sustainable living focuses on reducing carbon footprints as one go about doing their day to day work. Minimalist lifestyle is akin to the sustainable living, that we broadly talk about.

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Supply Chain Management – Are We Seeing End of the Road

Supply Chain Management, SCM, was a clear hot career choice in early 2000. In its heydays the topic used to attract so much attention that all the conferences and seminars used to get booked much in advance. The professionals who had even little bit of expertise in the subject used to get lapped up by search and placement agencies. I still vividly remember attending a seminar at a posh hotel in Delhi in 2002. It had all who’s who Indian industry in attendance. Supply Chain Management really saw its golden days then.

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Experience vs Exuberance – What does Industry need Today

There is a place in the industry for both Experience and Exuberance. The debate of Experience vs Exuberance is enriching for all the avid students of management. A balance of both is what takes the industry forward. A startup generally needs more of youthful exuberance and less of experience. Start-ups need to have a never say dying spirit. But at the same time, the experience which relates to maturity and rational thinking lends weight to the idea of success in any startup venture. Exuberance can give you a start and kick in but it’s the experience which takes you that far and over the finishing line.

A matured and running organization with well established systems in place, need experience more than the exuberance. An organisation has many organs. Each of these organs perform crucial functions. Human Resources takes care of employees and their deployment to appropriate roles. Planning function handles optimal sourcing and deployment of resources to maximize productivity. Similarly organs like Marketing and Finance each have a well defined role to play in an organisation life. As a matured organisation is a complex web of many organs, there is much more emphasis on experience.

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Companies will Invest Heavily in Automation – A Covid-19 Impact

Not long ago, the Industry 4.0 was the buzzword in the Automation Industry. Everybody was going gaga over its likely impact on future of the industry. Every one wanted to be pallbearer of Industry 4.0. The word used to get mentioned very prominently in seminars, conferences and other public forums, alike. The industry veterans were confident that this is the next big thing in manufacturing industry. This was touted as the next wave of Industrialization. Then, Covid-19 hit us all. That left the world panting and stopped it in its tracks. The whole world was under Lockdown, albeit at different periods of time. Some of the countries are still under Lockdown but more or less, the restrictions have been considerably relaxed. But the trepidation is still there. Because the Virus is still lurking somewhere close by.

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