Solar Rooftop System Buying Guide

In most of the cities, today, if you happen to carryout a drone survey, the images of black and grey squares dotting the landscape of the buildings top, would be too difficult to ignore. Solar Rooftop plants have become very common. City residents have increasingly adopted the same and have gone out of the way to accommodate them on to their rooftops. The steep decline in the module prices has also been a key factor. Recently announced benchmark rates for grid connected solar rooftop systems, by MNRE for the year 2020-21, up to 3 kW are in the range of Rs 42-47 per Watt while for the ratings up to 500 kW, the benchmark rates are Rs 36 per Watt. The steep reduction in the prices of Solar Rooftop over last 3 years have been mind boggling.

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Importance of Module Mounting Structure in a Solar Rooftop System

With the beginning of slow but gradual phasing out of Fossil Fuels from our energy ecosystem, the Renewable Energy sources in a short span of time have gained tremendous popularity. Solar PV plants as distributed energy sources have changed the way people used to think about the power generation. Solar PV as ground mounted system have largely come up in rural or remote areas where land prices are higher. But the Solar Rooftop system has steadily gained popularity in urban areas as no or little investment on land purchase/lease is required.

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