Gains from Environmental Activism

Environmental activism refers to the coming together of various groups of individuals and organizations that work in collaboration in social, scientific, political, and conservational fields with the main purpose of addressing environmental concerns.

Why do we need these diverse groups to come together for the environmental cause. Why can’t we have a world where everyone is taught to look after the environment. The very fact that, we need “Environmental Activism” to address the environment concerns is a testimony to the sad state of affairs of our world. Post Industrialization, the world had grown at break neck speed having scant regard for environment. There were tell tale signs of degradation of environmental in every city which embraced industrialization. The “SMOG” , “ACID RAINS”, “FLASH FLOODS”, “DROUGHTS” etc have all been the results of us paying little or no regard for environment.

So how do we revive and restore our environment back and pass it on to the next generations in a condition, better than earlier. Environmental activism can work towards restoring our environment. The coming together of like minded groups and individuals with the common cause of nurturing our environment, would be welcomed by many world over.

So what could be the gains arising out of environmental activism. Can we expect a better world where all concerns expressed by the learned environmental scientists gets addressed. I would say we have got ourselves in to such a situation where we are forced to use appliances like air purifier to clean the bad air which we want to breath in. These appliances in turn require energy to get powered thus polluting the very air which one is trying to purify.

Gains from environmental activism would come gradually and some of them may not be visible over ones lifetime. But the efforts to restore the environment to earlier levels, say 5 years hence or 10 years hence, to begin with should continue.