Before corona and After Corona – What will change

As world eases in to 6th month of Corona pandemic, we are going to witness a future which we would have never imagined. None of us in our childhood would have had any inkling of such a disaster on humanity. We are still definitely not out of woods. We don’t know whether the pandemic has peaked or not. But the times to come are going to be really challenging. Development of vaccine is still long way off. A few of the countries have reported success but translating them in to a ready to use vaccine is still a 6 months’ job, that too with high level of optimism. Life before and after Corona is going to be entirely different

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How to make best use of Self-Quarantine and Self-Isolation

Covid-19 has hit the world hard. In our times, virus strains are getting deadlier day by day. Scientists world over are working day and night to isolate this virus and come out with vaccine. But as I write in Mar 19, we have not yet been able to get the vaccine developed. We need to gear up for the challenges which such kind of human to human infections bring about. As I am penning this post, self quarantine for 14 days appears to be the only possible way to stem the tide and break the chain of viral infections. World has taken a bit extra time to understand the threats posed by Corona Virus but we are now up to it and nations all over the world are taking the steps to control this, WHO declared pandemic.

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