Companies will Invest Heavily in Automation – A Covid-19 Impact

Not long ago, the Industry 4.0 was the buzzword in the Automation Industry. Everybody was going gaga over its likely impact on future of the industry. Every one wanted to be pallbearer of Industry 4.0. The word used to get mentioned very prominently in seminars, conferences and other public forums, alike. The industry veterans were confident that this is the next big thing in manufacturing industry. This was touted as the next wave of Industrialization. Then, Covid-19 hit us all. That left the world panting and stopped it in its tracks. The whole world was under Lockdown, albeit at different periods of time. Some of the countries are still under Lockdown but more or less, the restrictions have been considerably relaxed. But the trepidation is still there. Because the Virus is still lurking somewhere close by.

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