Solar Power

Flexible Solar Panels | Ideal for Special Applications

The trend to lap up any thing solar has caught on. The kind of acceptance solar PV systems have received, worldwide, has left the conventional power generation systems exasperated.  Today with the looming threat of Climate Change,  more and more countries are moving towards the Solar PV systems. The traditional solar panels, though are very cost effective when installed in MW sized power plants but their placement in special applications like on Curvy Roofs or angled walls, create lots of problems.

Sun Light Calculations

Planning to buy a new flat, independent villa or apartment. There are many points which you ought to figure out before deciding about the location and which floor to zero-in on. There are defined documentation in each state or the country. But there is one important issue which is pan global. The amount of sunlight your apartment will receive.

Net Metering and Distributed Generation Systems

India has an ambitious Solar Energy capacity addition program of adding 100 GW by the year 2022. Out of above 40 GW is expected to be added through Roof Top Solar. Addition of 40 GW as part of Roof Top Solar in next 5-6 years is quite ambitious. Various states have announced their state specific policies for implementation of Roof Top solar programs. Net Metering policies are entwined with Roof Top solar programs. Though quite a few states have announced their programs but real work on the ground has yet to pickup. In US and some other EU countries where sunshine is abundantly available, there has been a never ending debate on practical Net Metering policies and applicable  energy tariff regime. There is a group which advocates retail tariffs while another group supports the DG to be billed as per the Utility Generation charges.