Minimalism Tips for Decluttering Inbox

We are all heavily in to Emailing and stuff like that. Most of us have multiple email accounts. We get numerous emails on daily basis and sifting through these emails become a problem. The thought of decluttering inbox might have come to our minds more than often but due to our ever busy schedules we might not have progressed beyond the first few steps.

As per Templafy blog an average office worker received 90 emails per day between the period 2014 to 2018 and sent 40 business emails per day at work. Most of these emails can be dispensed away right at the moment of their receipt. But we hardly carryout the decluttering inbox exercise and allow our inboxes to remain bloated and full of useless emails.

Here are some simple tips to decluttering inbox. If you are using MS-Office Outlook email client.

  • Write Rules and create sub folders to drive incoming traffic to your designated sub folder. This would save time in handling with important stuff.
  • Prioritize your tasks and establish discipline in dealing with your work related emails
  • Be ruthless with the emails which you are sure are not useful and you wont need to go back to. Delete them straightaway.
  • Mails which are being sent for information does need to stay in your inbox if you feel you don’t need them and they have served the purpose.
  • Take a vow to keep your inbox spic and span. Clear your inbox before you call it a day.
  • Emails which you feel are important and need to be stored for future reference, move them away from your inbox.
  • Come back to such folder after a month and trying weeding out the stuff from such folders with a disciplined regimen.
  • Don’t let your Outlook application remain open throughout the day. Keep some slot identified for email sorting in the two working halves of the day. Try to discipline your mind to use the Outlook during the designated time slot only.
  • Sight of 500+ unread emails in the inbox, right early in the day tends to put one off. A clear and clean inbox help you get an head-start for the day.

Another sets of rules are there if one is not using the MS-Office email client and is more comfortable with email account like Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo etc.

Decluttering Inbox
Living with Chaos. Decluttering Inbox.
  • Get rid of spams by making use of Unsubscribe link at the bottom of such spam emails.
  • Set rules for your priority inbox in Gmail
  • Try to limit your email ids to only two. One for the office work and the other for your personal use.
  • Never try to club or mark office emails with personal email ids.
  • Quite a few of the email applications offer the options to integrate your other email accounts with your primary email accounts. Never fall in to that trap because there would too much of a load your inbox and you would find it difficult to handle.
  • Decluttering inbox helps in organizing your work and data.

Keep your work and personal storage space spic and span. You would start reaping the benefits of decluttering if you start your journey.

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