Making Your Sweet Home Cozy

Whether you are living in independent house or in an multi storied apartment, you have always felt the need to optimize your energy bill and make your sweet home cozy. Coziness is a feeling and it comes from relative experience. When you step out from your home in summers, you feel hot outside and when you get back to your home after a long arduous day, cool comforts of your home soothe your nerves, you feel relaxed and after spending your time in your home your feel charged for another day. 

The need to keep your home cozy comes from the fact that a cozy home recharges you for the tough life. Winters are equally tough on your body if you are living in Cold or Composite climates. A Cozy home should provide you with warmth.

In the construction which we are seeing today there is a heavy use of Aluminium windows and door frames. Aluminium is a good conductor with thermal conductivity in the range of 237 W/mK. Suppose you have decent WWR (Window to Wall Ratio) then reliance on Aluminum even with proper powdered coating on the surface will make your home consume lots of energy to keep it cozy.

In summer months in order to maintain right temperature of 22-26 deg centigrade inside your house, the ACs may have to run continuously.  And in winters, the warmers will have to work overtime to keep your home warm. Therefore the first and most important step to make your home cozy is to opt for lesser Aluminium and more of timber/wood.  Wood is a bad conductor and has thermal conductivity of 0.1 W/mK. Wood may be costly initially but would when you will do the life time cost analysis, the wood would definitely turn out much cheaper.

Another way to make your sweet home cozy is to opt for lesser WWR. Windows are necessary as they provide you with sunlight, natural air and help in keeping your home clean and airy. But if WWR is not optimized well then windows can be a source of high thermal conduction and for a building, windows may become the weakest link for allowing the outside high or low temperature to make an impact inside the house as well.

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