How to make best use of Self-Quarantine and Self-Isolation

Covid-19 has hit the world hard. In our times, virus strains are getting deadlier day by day. Scientists world over are working day and night to isolate this virus and come out with vaccine. But as I write in Mar 19, we have not yet been able to get the vaccine developed. We need to gear up for the challenges which such kind of human to human infections bring about. As I am penning this post, self quarantine for 14 days appears to be the only possible way to stem the tide and break the chain of viral infections. World has taken a bit extra time to understand the threats posed by Corona Virus but we are now up to it and nations all over the world are taking the steps to control this, WHO declared pandemic.

So what self quarantine or for that matter self isolation is. U.S. Department of Health & Human Services, describes it as

Isolation is used to separate ill persons who have a communicable disease from those who are healthy. Isolation restricts the movement of ill persons to help stop the spread of certain diseases. For example, hospitals use isolation for patients with infectious tuberculosis.

Quarantine is used to separate and restrict the movement of well persons who may have been exposed to a communicable disease to see if they become ill. These people may have been exposed to a disease and do not know it, or they may have the disease but do not show symptoms. Quarantine can also help limit the spread of communicable disease.

So while your body fights with infection, there is a need to keep your mind engaged and make the best use of this period for worldly challenges which will come your way in future. This phase can be very productively put to use for many things. I have tried mentioning a few which would help you in bracing yourselves for challenges ahead.

  • Taking Stock: You have lived your life at a break neck speed so far, hardly ever hitting the pause button to sit and mull over life gone by. You have been so busy in completing your education and then struggling with your office and family commitments that you have never had the time to sit and take stock of your life. This is the time to do that. List your priorities in life, re assess them and re orient your life to go about fulfilling the same. If you are thinking of venturing out on your own, this is the time to research and make plans. You may not be starting immediately but yes, you can set your timelines during this period.
  • Rekindle and ignite your passion: You have been hitting hard at your life daily, following a regimen which has left no time for you to caress your soul, connect with your inner core and generally be with yourself. This is the time. Do it for yourselves in next 15 days. If you had a belief that you write well, go ahead and do it. If you are good at playing Guitar, do it. There are many things which your inner core wants you to do that but you ignored it all along. Do it in next 14 days. Rejuvenate your soul.
  • Financial Planning: This is the best 14 days you might have had so far to look back on your savings and future financial planning. Study your financial portfolios. You can take advice from experts in the field. Plan for SIPs, Investments and other tools. Understand Goal based planning which is very rarely resorted to by even learned and educated elites. But it helps one in meeting the challenges.
  • Spend time with your loved ones: Needless to say, you have seen the world whiz past away in your college and working years. Spend time with your parents, Grand Moms, elders and loved ones in the family.
  • Get on to the path of re attaining best of health: Decide during your self-quarantine period that you would take care of your health going forward. You would spend time on getting back to full body fitness. Build up a regimen on aerobics and strength training. Meditate, do Yoga and connect with your inner core.

Though the infection is fast spreading and nations world over are working hard to control it, we need to realize the intensity of this spread and do our bit through self isolation and self quarantine. While we stay in our homes for 14 days, we may have got the best of the break to prepare ourselves for our future. Lets be in positive spirit.

Photo by Li Sun from Pexels

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