Know Your Building Energy Quotient

Energy Simulation

Know your Building Energy Quotient

You might have wondered whether it is possible to save energy by doing some alterations in your dwelling unit so as to make it energy efficient. We can offer you advice based on your layout and building plans. Our preliminary report is completely free and once you agree to carryout detailed analysis of your dwelling unit based on our preliminary recommendations, we shall submit our offer for other services.

Our methodology is quite simple. We carryout Energy Modelling of your dwelling unit through software and will submit the preliminary report for your assessment. Once the preliminary report is accepted at your end and you are interested in carrying out detailed Energy Modelling of your Building, we shall ask you for more details. For free preliminary analysis, we shall need some basic information. The details can be submitted through the Form as shown below.

Preliminary Analysis would give ample indications on what are the alternate methodologies that can bring about savings in the energy consumption or for that matter Energy Performance Index (EPI) or Building Energy Quotient.  There are many factors which decide the Energy Consumption pattern of the Building. These factors are

  1. Location of the Building
    1. Weather Details
    2. Shading
    3. Orientation
    4. Fenestration
  2. Materials used in the construction of the building
  3. Building Use type
  4. Schedules (Daily work routine, Occupancy, Comfort Level etc)
  5. Type of Heating and Cooling systems used in the building
  6. Use of Photo-voltaic or Roof Top units
  7. Vegetation, Landscaping etc

The Energy Simulation or Modelling is done through Open Source Software and the process is termed and Wholebuilding analysis. The analysis provides us indicators on Energy Savings in the Buildings. We have developed a simple form to capture your details. The files can be merged in one pdf file and then it can be uploaded and submitted.


Preliminary Analysis input list

  • Location details
  • Floor Plan and site layout
  • Type of Building (Residential/Office etc.)

Click here to Fill up the details for preliminary energy analysis: