How to be a Tech Minimalist

A Minimalist doesn’t have to shun everything in the life. One has to only get rid of life’s excess and start focusing on what is important. That is contentment, freedom and happiness. A Tech Minimalist is one who employs technology to lead a life which one find really fulfilling.

One can go through the loads of articles on the web on the subject of Minimalism. There would be innumerable thoughts and sermons suggesting you to resort to either A or B, in order to lead a Minimalist life. But the truth is there is no one way to achieve Minimalism or for that matter be a Tech Minimalist. There is even no bar on owning materialistic things. If one feels that owning a car or a house gives him fulfillment then let that be. So how can technology help one is shaping their life and be a true Minimalist.

Minimalist Life


  • Just look around and find out what is it that you have not used for 90 days. List them in the descending order of number of days not used. The top 5 items in the list, should be first on your chopping block.
  • This way one can classify all their possessions and start working on the process to let go of them.
  • There is no fixed rule on how one can zero in on to the worldly possessions. The idea is to classify your possessions which you wont mind sparing them.

So are we advocating that everyone should become Minimalist, probably not. We are only trying to put some ideas on this web page, which can help individuals decide on the concept of Minimalism.

Bit by Bit

Its not about going after the concept without actually getting a sense of it. If we decide to shun a few things and that make our life that much simpler and gives us more time to focus on to the things that really matter to us, we have achieved our objective, in some little way.

Technology can today help one in more than many ways to switch over to Minimalist life. Depending upon what one intends to do, the technology can provide solutions and avoid lot many hassles. The example can be use of single email id, use of single device like iPad to replace your Mac of PC, use of e-Book Reader to let go of your so many hard bound books, use of scanners and cloud storage space for keeping your documents securely and tidily etc.

Minimalism should help one in following ways:

  1. Living in the moment
  2. Pursuing our passions
  3. Discover yourself
  4. Experience freedom
  5. Focus on our health
  6. Grow and mature as individuals
  7. Contribute towards the well being of others
  8. Discover purpose

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