Green Buildings – Higher Cost?

Green Buildings might have been a relatively new term for all of us but most of our ancient buildings were based on concept of sustainability. The old buildings used to have architecture which was based on places where the Buildings were located. The dry and hot regions used to have buildings where corridors were used to direct the wind to cool off. The wet regions made ample use of natural light and breeze. The examples of such buildings are HawaMahal in Jaipur and ImamBara in Lucknow.  The old havelies  used to have high roofs for the cooling effect to take place.  The use of construction material was also dependent upon the location of buildings. The use of lime stones and heavy rocks  in Rajasthan, use of tree wood in hilly areas of Utrakhand and Kashmir are some such fine examples where local material has been used extensively.

But present day requirements are different. With urbanization, quite a large number of skyscrapers have come up in cities.  Requirement in such building spaces is to provide comfort to the working population to enhance productivity in their respective assignments and work area. ThGreen Buildingse spaces can belong to same or different thermal zones based on the thermal set points.  Residential Buildings generally are energy guzzlers. In developed countries, Buildings consume about 40% of the total energy consumption of their respective country. In India, Buildings are responsible for energy consumption of about 20%.

The Energy Simulation programs are an effective tool which help in the decision making process and there are multiple measures which can be used to simulate multiple variations in the Buildings. Roof Top Photovoltaic plants are steadily gaining popularity in India. The Energy Simulation Programs can very well integrate Roof Top Solar Plants in their building model and power generated can be offset through the energy requirements of the buildings.


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