Flexible Solar Panels | Ideal for Special Applications

The trend to lap up any thing solar has caught on. The kind of acceptance solar PV systems have received, worldwide, has left the conventional power generation systems exasperated.  Today with the looming threat of Climate Change,  more and more countries are moving towards the Solar PV systems. The traditional solar panels, though are very cost effective when installed in MW sized power plants but their placement in special applications like on Curvy Roofs or angled walls, create lots of problems.

The Flexible Solar Panels provide options where the conventional solar panels are not easily deploy-able. The Bus, Rail Coaches, Boats and Curvy Roofs,  where these Flexible Solar panels take the shape of the outer surface and can be easily deployed directly on the surface without the need to install the seperate structures.

The advantages of a flexible solar panel include:

  • They tend to weigh less
  • You can bend them sometimes at as much as a 30-degree angle
  • They are easily transportable
  • Flexible panels also are typically cheaper to install than rigid, permanent panels.

The fixed conventional Solar panels typically weigh more but are comparatively much cheaper. There are some theories which suggest that Flexible Solar Panels are much more efficient as compared to Fixed Solar panels. Whether the manufacturers of such panels promote their products with such logic or in reality Flexible Solar Panels score over Fixed panels in terms of efficiency, this is yet to be clearly established.

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Solar Panel

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Flexi Solar panels are clear choice when you doing solar PV installations on roofs which cant take much load. In addition, such panels are also ideally suited for corrugated light weight roofs in Modern Airports where because of typical shapes of these installations, the Fixed Solar panels are not suitable.


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