Energy Modelling a Delhi Office Building

Energy Modelling Delhi Office BuildingOpen Office or halls without cubicles had arrived in office layouts over last few years. Quite a few companies have endorsed it for better productivity and also for building office relationships. There will always be strong views in favour and against any idea. Our intention here is not to  debate here further on to the adoption practices for new office layout guided by work culture rather we intend to look at energy modelling of a Delhi Building which is basically single floor setup and for all practical practices has been considered to be shadow free.

Model for Energy Modelling:

  • Building Area: 15m by 8 m
  • Total Gross Wall Area: 140.21 sqm
  • Window to Wall Ratio is 40% on all four direction.
  • Windows have 3mm Glass 13 mm Air and 3 mm Glass, double glazed construction.
  • Walls are Brickwork with 250 mm thk with Plaster of 25 mm on either side.
  • Roof and Floor are made of 8 in RCC.
  • Building is single shift and Daylight saving has been adopted in the Energy Modelling.


Therefor the energy performance index for the year works out to 160 kwh/sqm-year. Ideally the building has lot of potential in terms of energy savings which can be applied to bring the energy levels down.

3D model of the office building has been shown below.

Energy Modelling Delhi

The temperature profile on a typical summer day on South Facing surface 5 and inside the building  is placed below.

Energy Modelling

There are multiple alterations which can be tried in the building to arrive at the best EPI. Energy Modelling helps in designing the building to your best EPI with lowest carbon footprint at the same time maintaining overall comfort.

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