Energy Consumption in Delhi vs Mumbai Apartment – A Study

People today are gradually moving towards living in High Rise Multi-Storied apartments. Living in units in High Rises today is preferred due to better comfort, increased security, reduced cost of living and overall a better experience. Compared to independent villas, the carbon footprints of apartment dwellings are much lesser. The energy consumption also depends greatly on the location of your dwelling unit. We have tried to analyse and compared two locations in India, New Delhi and Mumbai. As per Indian Meteorological Department, New Delhi has been classified as Composite while Mumbai has been classified as Warm and Humid climate. There is a vast variation in the Building Energy Consumption pattern in Delhi and Mumbai. Generally the energy consumption requirement in Delhi is around 50% higher than that of in Mumbai.

For analysis purpose, we have selected a Bedroom with the dimensions of 3.0 by 3.7 m. The Bedroom has windows on Southern and Western Faces. One window which is on Southern face has Shade with projection of 0.5 m. Two walls of Bedroom are facing sun and wind while the other two are adiabatic. Common Masonary has been used in the construction on walls. Ceiling and Roof are 200 mm RCC.  Bedroom is occupied from 9 PM to 7 AM on week days and from 2 PM to 5 PM then again from 7 PM to 7 AM on weekends.

The analysis or the energy modelling has been done through the open source energy modelling software and results of Energy End Use and Monthly profiles have been depicted through the charts and graphs produced below.


New Delhi Energy Consumption Profile

Delhi Energy Consumption Monthly Profile

From the Energy Consumption profile its quite evident that Delhi requires both Cooling and Heating in order to have comfort during the peak energy consumption months. Cooling requirement is Max in Jun while heating requirement is Max in Jan. Use of Fans is spread over from March to Oct every year.

Mumbai Energy Consumption Profile

Energy Consumption Mumbai

Mumbai has typically cooler August month when the skies are cloudy and requirement of cooling is comparatively lower. As is evident from the graph, there is no requirement of Heating in Mumbai. Use of Fans is there for prolonged period, almost throughout the year.

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