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We all nowadays hear quite often about sustainable living. The youngsters today are smitten by this word and consider this as in-thing. In broader parlance, today’s youngsters wants to contribute to the society in whichever way its possible. They are very concerned about our depleting resources and deteriorating environment. Sustainable living focuses on reducing carbon footprints as one go about doing their day to day work. Minimalist lifestyle is akin to the sustainable living, that we broadly talk about.

So what all we can do to reduce our carbon footprints. First analyse what is your real carbon footprint. There are number of websites and online calculator which will help you understand your cost to the environment. Once you have analysed your lifestyle and carbon footprint, we can comeback to the list of our daily activities which need correction to reduce carbon footprint.

Sustainable Living
Sustainable Living

Dwelling size

We all aspire to have a big house with large number of rooms, halls, open spaces etc. But its always when we grow up, we realize that we have more space than we can handle. Whenever we are intending to buy a dwelling, we should keep its size just about adequate to meet our requirements. For a couple, a one or two bed room apartment is more than enough. Try shifting to a smaller house, if you are living in a biggy.

Always carry your own bags, water bottles and HANDKERCHIEFS

The very purpose is to conserve resources and in the process help our environment. When you make an effort to carry these items, you are helping in resources conservation, tremendously. Sustainable living doesn’t require painstaking efforts. The efforts needed are very small and can be attempted through simple steps.

Become a one car family

Quite a few of us might be having more than one car at our disposal. Try looking in to the usefulness of having more than one car. Analyse your commute and travel requirements. One can also explore availing public transport for daily commute. Adopting one car rule or using public transport for our requirements would help in reducing our carbon footprint massively.

recycle & reuse

Before one dispose of any thing, do see if it can be recycled or reused. Even if you may not find it useful, you can gift or hand it over to the needy, just like that.

look at your wardrobe

We all have the habit of buying cloths on the spur of the moment and much later we realize, this piece of clothing was not at all needed. Trying sorting out your stuff and keep your wearables to the minimum. There is no point in having a wardrobe full of cloths which you have no plans to wear, later on. Keep the pair of cloths, shoes and other belongings to a minimum.

switch to renewables

We are generally using fossil fuel based energy sources like Coal for the electricity that is powering our homes, petrol and diesel for our commutes. We must make a transition to solar power for electricity and electric vehicles for our travel. These alternatives may not have fully matured in some of the countries but these can be very well adopted where these renewables are easily available.

We may find the switch difficult but once we get wedded to the philosophy of minimalism, we will find it really satisfying. The joy of giving back to the mother earth would be incredible.

So lets start from today!

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