Carbon Footprint Calculator

Environment awareness has been growing amongst common people nowadays. We are becoming aware of how much electricity we consume per day. We have started looking for energy efficient homes, cars and bikes. All electrical gadgets which are coming up now are labelled under some rating programs so as to make people aware of the energy efficiency of each such gadget. 

Whenever we take a drive, turn on air conditioner, light a lamp, use escalators and lifts, take a flight etc we are using energy source which in turn has burned itself to produce CO2.

We are therefore leaving Carbon Footprint sometimes not even aware of that. We may be sleeping in a room but the air conditioner and fans might be working to make us cool and relaxed. Here is a site which calculates our Carbon Footprint based on inputs fed by us. Inputs range from size of our family, Cars we drive, Flights we board etc. Try this out just for your curiosity stake and be aware of the Carbon Footprint you are leaving based on your life style.

In a subtle way, this application will remind you and help you in making some life style changes in your day to day life.

We all have to make the world a better place to live for our children. Mesuring our carbon footprint will only subconsciously make us aware of the dangers.

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