Building Management System Green Buildings

Building Management System (BMS) is an intelligent management system involving integration of software and hardware with the objective to manage varied electrical and mechanical systems of the Green buildings. BMS manages heating, ventilation, air-conditioning (HVAC), access control, security, lifts, transformers, DG sets, LT switchgears, water pumps, blowers and lighting requirement of any building. the systems are so designed and networked that one can get detailed drill down information about various equipment working in the building along withe their energy usages.

The objective is to manage 40%-70% of the energy utilizing equipment through BMS. There are many standardized software which are available in the market which can be configured to suit any requirements. in addition there are engineer-to-order software solutions also available in the market where customizations can also be offered.

BMS can also be installed using Internet protocols and open standards like MODBUS etc. There are many benefits of a well installed BMS some of which can be broadly put as :

  1. energy demand management (EDM)
  2. Access Control
  3. Security deployment and control
  4. HVAC
  5. Lighting control
  6. Pumps and water treatment plant control
  7. waste water and grey water management
  8. swimming pool services management
  9. Electrical equipment like LT Panels, DG set switchover
  10. Lift management and synchronization
  11. Public Address System
  12. Maintenance management and financials
  13. Fire Alarm and Hydrant systems

BMSs are now being increasingly deployed in most of the commercial and residential multi storied apartments and Green Buildings. With a decisive shift towards smart grid and smart cities, BMS will soon  get integrated with the SCADA-DMS which will be part of smart grids.

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