Before corona and After Corona – What will change

As world eases in to 6th month of Corona pandemic, we are going to witness a future which we would have never imagined. None of us in our childhood would have had any inkling of such a disaster on humanity. We are still definitely not out of woods. We don’t know whether the pandemic has peaked or not. But the times to come are going to be really challenging. Development of vaccine is still long way off. A few of the countries have reported success but translating them in to a ready to use vaccine is still a 6 months’ job, that too with high level of optimism. Life before and after Corona is going to be entirely different

So what will change

A life we all knew before the advent of Corona, we may never be able to witness again. The people’s behavior will undergo a massive transformation. The warm hugs, firm handshakes, high fives are all going to a thing of past. The world of sports may never be the same again. The sportsmen and administrators will be wary of contact sports in a near to short and medium term.

Education will also see a massive disruption with online learning and online education becoming the preferred option for educators and students alike. The university curriculum will also evolve and attending classes physically will be a thing of past.

Work From Home
Work from Home

Offices will be less occupied now with the wider acceptance of WFH. The requirement of commercial real estate will go down as organizations will make a deliberate switchover to WFH. This would be a win win for both the employee and employer. However legal challenges associated with WFH option need to be addressed appropriately.

The entertainment industry, the malls, Moviplexes will see massive transformations due to the requirement of physical distancing. Entertainment industry may also have to undergo massive disruption to stay afloat.

Talking about travel, the requirement of physical distancing will make the present seating arrangement obsolete. Even after the fear of Corona virus would have subsided, the people will prefer travelling in spacious seats. The train and air travel will be massively impacted.

The migration and reverse migration has already hit the economy hard. The future would be more challenging. Once the Lockdown is lifted, the Industry will find it difficult to scour the working population as they have already left for their natives. But as they say the adversity brings out the best in a person. The humanity will definitely bounce back eventually. Its just a matter of time.

Welcome to a different world.

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