Upload photos to Facebook account from your mobile.

WordPress posts can be send over mail and they immediately get posted on to the blog provided you have configured the settings for remote posting. Facebook now also provides you with an option where you can send your images, videos etc to a unique mailing id provided and based on your Facebook account. You can upload photos and videos from your mobile to your account by sending MMS or through Facebook applications on iPhone, Blackberry and other devices.Any mail sent to your unique email id with images and videos as attachment will result in attached images getting displayed in your Facebook account.

fb thumb Upload photos to Facebook account from your mobile. The subject that you choose in your email will be displayed as the caption for uploaded images and videos sent through mail. This is quite a cool feature and getting quite popular off late. The captions can be edited afterward through your Facebook accounts, if you so desire.

One can send in as many images as one so desires but of course limited by the service provider’s cap on the data transfer. Emailed images will go to the Mobile upload folder by default.

An important tip is not to share the unique email id with other. In case one feels that email id has been leaked out and you start getting unsolicited emails in to your account. One has the option of immediately resetting it.

So next time you are one a sightseeing trip, just shoot the videos and immediately load them on to your Facebook accounts.

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