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bossicon TweetNews   News results with upcoming topicsTwitter has been in limelight for some time now. Tweets are nothing but short cryptic messages which are employed by members to sound others about their presence. But those who have been through the Twitter experience, have found it sometime blurting irrelevant Tweets. TweetNews is basically a cross between Yahoo BOSS (Build your Own Search Service) and Twitter, combing best of the two applications, Yahoo search and the Twitter. The creator Vik Singh has probably hit upon a very useful idea with great potential.

Yahoo’s BOSS was launched sometime in the middle of year 2008 and its usage has been picking up slowly and steadily. Today there are many applications who are utilizing BOSS API to offer custom searches.

tweetnews TweetNews   News results with upcoming topics

VWS team feels that TweetNews could go places with right promotion and can help Yahoo regain some of its lost glory in web search space. TweetNews mashup may not be perfect at this point of time but it definitely makes a sincere effort to combine Yahoo’s real time search with breaking news at Twitter.


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