I am a mother to two daughters. Both of them in their teens. Just at the threshold of critical phases in their lives. It is indeed a great experience watching them grow, share their experiences, inner thoughts. I have always encouraged my daughters to share whatever happens in their lives. They have shared with me everything whatever has happened in their lives. The first crush, the pain of being bullied by guys, all have been told with free and open minds. This has helped me in really getting to know what is really happening in their lives. I have become part of their lives and sort of a punching bag onto which they can spill out  their frustrations, ill feelings, failures etc. Do they call this good parenting tips, I’m not sure.But I am happy with the way their lives have progressed. The journey so far has not been so smooth. In fact it was quite topsy turvey, to begin with. I still vividly remember when I as a mother would often yell at two beautiful dolls and would then make amends by hugging them tightly. I have also learnt it the hard way. But over the years, I have realized that one needs to be patient with the kids. Parents should let their children be their own. But keeping overall supervision to ensure that they should not go astray. Home is their first school. Even when they start going to the school, home maintains its dominant position in influencing the child’s growth. Children always look up to their parents for examples. No one parenting trick can be termed as sacrosanct. Based on circumstances, the parenting methods also get redefined. But the one adage which is most important in parenting is “Patience pays”. Patience teaches you a lot. It gives you an opportunity to sit back and watch the show as it unfolds.

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