Homeschooling was in past looked upon as the option exercised by conservationists who wouldn’t believe in established practiced norms about education and would believe in imparting education to their children at their own pace and beliefs. But over past decade or so the trend has caught on. More and more parents are now opting for Homeschooling flexibilities. But the issue here is to know whether you and your child meets the requisite criteria. Read More →

The latest fad to hit the real estate industry is Green or Sustainable Buildings. Wiki defines the Green Building as

a structure and using processes that are environmentally responsible and resource-efficient throughout a building’s life-cycle: from siting to design, construction, operation, maintenance, renovation, and demolition. This practice expands and complements the classical building design concerns of economy, utility, durability, and comfort.

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Churchil once said “If I have to make a two hour speech, I may spend ten minutes in preparation, if it is ten minute speech, then it could take me two hours.” Best presentations need lots of study, analysis and preparations. Good presenters rarely use PowerPoint or other presentation tools, unless of course it’s a business presentation.

Research has shown that speech/presentations can be divided in to three parts.

  1. Verbal (words)
  2. Visual(what is being viewed)
  3. Vocal ( your tone, pitch, pauses etc) Read More →

Aspiring students give lot of importance to Maths and Physics while they are preparing for IIT JEE. But, Chemistry always takes the back seat. If one takes the time spent on preparing for Maths, Physics and Chemistry. Physics and Maths would take 40% each while Chemistry has to contend with 20% of the total allotted logged studying hours. This has been the general trend. But those who excel at top level give due importance to Chemistry. In IIT JEE, if one can complete Chemistry questions in half an hour then this gives extra edge to the wannabe IITians. Read More →

Enterprise Resource Planning brings about major changes in working of an organization. There have been many instances where organizations have benefited from ERP roll outs. ERP brings with them best practices in each of the referred discipline. But failure or success in ERP implementation depends upon preparedness of that very organization. Over the years it has been observed that very few organizations do it successfully the very first time. Analysis of various implementations have also revealed that behind every successful ERP implementation, there is at least one failure. Read More →

Developing countries like India and China is seeing lots of frenetic activities in the infrastructural development. While China has been seen hitting the top end in the growth saga many a times in the last decade, India is not far from rallying behind and has been trying to match China in every way. Buildings are responsible for more than 50% of carbon emissions worldwide. USA leads the way as their buildings due to the people’s lifestyle out there are energy guzzlers. US with EU countries have the highest per capita energy consumption in the world. Read More →