How secure are your passwords? Recently thousands of websites have been destroyed, altered and squatted upon by exposing chinks in the armors of browsers. These vulnerabilities have been exploited by many evil minds. The incidences have been significantly more in IE compared to other browsers simply because IE’s reach has been many a time more than other browsers like Safari, Firefox or the newbie Chrome. All these browsers have failed the vulnerability tests conducted by “Chapin Information Services“. Read More →

Solar Water Heating Systems are an integral feature of any green building. Solar water heating systems are employed even in conventional buildings for energy efficient measures. Today, there are many solar water heating systems which can be employed to even get temperatures more than the boiling water temperatures. But the common ones which are in domestic use can give easily temperatures up to 65 deg C.  Read More →

PPEOHSAS stands for Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series. It was developed to help organizations control and minimize Occupation Hazards and Risks. The 2007 version of OHSAS 18001 lays a strong emphasis on Change. Occupational Health and  Safety Standards are today adopted by many organizations as part of their corporate governance requirements. Managing the change is not a simple exercise. Change can hit an organization all of sudden or it can sometime be regulated and planned. An agile and a flexible organization will respond to change in much more positive way than an organization with rigid and straight jacketed setup. Read More →

sapSomeone the other day threw this one liner towards me. I was delivering a brief lecture on important points to be kept in mind during ERP implementations. I knew this was going to come and I had prepared well for this question. But taking this question right in the beginning, probably that was not I had planned. So I politely asked the person in the audience to leave this question for the time being and promised to take it up at the end. I knew that once I am over with my talk, the audience would get their reply. Read More →