Google energy

When I read this piece of information on, I was a bit perplexed. I pondered about what is Google doing in the energy. Are they diversifying in to this core sector? This coming after recent news on Google buying a paper mill was a shocker for me. But when I dived deep in to the topic, it was then that real news dawned on me. And I was pleasantly surprised. The news had linkage to recent $787 Billion stimulus package approved by American congress. Read More →

We are trying to get deeper in cloud computing without sometime even realizing it. Cloud computing is going to touch our lives very closely in coming years may be months. So I popped up this question to my buddies and colleagues. Some were aware and some even not aware but on digging deep they acknowledged how much they are relying on to the clouds without even realizing. Read More →

Energy audits are getting popular nowadays. There has been growing concern amongst all countries over climate change and carbon emissions. World over the countries are witnessing an increasing awareness amongst masses. Institutions are working overtime to ensure that energy efficient measures are adopted and world can be made a better place to live in for our next generations. Read More →

Eloquent speakers are hard to miss. They are always toasts of any gathering. But this is an attribute which very few people have. And definitely public speaking can be improved through concerted efforts. But as we approach the era of Short Messaging and micro energy-efficiencyging, public speaking appears to be a far cry. Read More →

The long awaited web MS Office is here now. The MS Office has dominated desktops with their Office suite for close to two decades now. Its rich applications like MS Word, MS Excel and MS PowerPoint have made the corporate world so dependent that these executive can’t dream of working without MS Office suite today. The present version Office 2007 was an improvement over the earlier Office XP and Office 2003.  But Google and Zoho have been eating in to Microsoft’s share on the pretext of their online availability. Microsoft had promised to move over to cloud sometime back and have now offered MS Office web apps for free. Read More →

We have reviewed many green buildings and projects in our posts earlier. World, specially the western world has embarked on a journey to completely switch over to green power and renewable in coming years. It’s a difficult task but journey has to begin. Renewable energy is going to be the key focus area in every continent in coming years. Read More →

A hashtag is basically the Twitter equivalent of metadata on a message. If you want your website or energy-efficiency to be easily found in the search engines, you would add metadata in the website headers which will then be picked up by the Google spiders when they visit. Well, a hashtag is basically the Twitter equivalent. By appending hashtags to your tweets you help Twitter to easily link them.

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Working long hours on computer has become unavoidable for all computer professionals. Even management consultants and corporate workers cannot do away without logging equivalent amount of hours in front of desktops. With advent of computers in our normal working life, we have been exposed to many diseases which have arisen from our sedentary life styles. Read More →

OCR stands for Optical Character Recognition. This technology is employed for converting image or PDF documents in to text with or without formatting. There are many tools which can be employed to get the desired results. But in case you are handling big documents where you would like to preserve the formatting then you should go in for paid services. But if you are looking for free online tools which can handle your requirements then the two websites which comes to my mind are Free Online OCR and Online OCRRead More →