Don't leave your Wi-Fi connection unsecured


Wireless Internet connection has been gaining ground because of freedom it offers in terms of convenience of access, not getting tied down to your desk, getting connected while on the move. While wireless network offers some of the excellent features but the there are many shortcoming with which a wireless network has to live with.

There are many users in wireless Internet domain who have paid scant attention to its security aspect. I would say majority of users are having unsecured connection. You may have secured your existence to the four walls of your house but once you have Wi-Fi connection, anyone can access within 250-350 ft from your server. There have been number of instances where Wi-Fi network has been hacked to send terror mails and issue of threats. An unprotected network can also be used to access your personal information over network. Your data on computers may not remain safe. With unprotected network all your internet browsing history, instant messages becomes susceptible to hacking and can be viewed, decoded and seen by the hackers.

Today there exist many technologies which can be used to secure the Wi-Fi network. Wi-Fi protected access (WPA and WPA2) are the examples of two latest technologies which can be used to secure your network. WPA2 has come in to existence after serious issues were raised over earlier existed, WEP (Wired Equivalent Privacy).

You may be a high profile internet user and may be putting your complete stake on IT and ITES but don’t just leave your Wi-Fi connected unsecured as this may land you in serious troubles.

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