Every installation is required to adopt proper safety measures which can avoid or restrict number of accidents. There are many ways and methods which can be adopted to effectively establish a sound Occupational Health and Safety system in place.

The objectives of Electrical Safety Audit are:-


  • Electrical hazards identification and their assessment.
  • Implementing preventive measures for the same.
  • Review of electrical preventive maintenance ongoing programs
  • Compliance to the statutory requirement.
  • Examining safety procedures in maintenance and operation.
  • Scrutinizing the program to eliminate electrical fires.


  • Physical inspection of the plant
  • Review of protection devices and adequacy of Cable,Motors and Drives with respect to current measurements
  • Checking earthing system.
  • Examination of plant lightning protection system as per recommended standards.
  • Transformer oil , IR and Earth resistance tests
  • Review of past electrical accidents and RCA.
  • Electrical Audit safety report along with Recommendation.

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