Leaders it is said are born. With right atmosphere and proper nurturing, leadership skills get honed over a period of time. I have been to many leadership seminars and at most of these venues I have heard leaders talking about leadership training. Corporate houses organize leadership modules and imparting of leadership skills is a mandatory module in every HR manager’s list of programs for management trainees.

To put it in simple words, leaders are definitely born but anyone who has got a strong and forthright personality can get trained for honing his or her skills to become an effective leader. Management education and discussions on various case studies which students undergo during their stint at reputed management institutes are programmed to achieve that objective. Students from all profile and backgrounds enter good management institutes to become professionals in their respective own fields. While some of them succeed in getting to the top and other just continue to function as important clogs in the wheels of the system.

Corporate houses also organize various leadership programs. The objective of these programs is to develop employees in their respective fields. Leadership training imparted at corporate houses and management institutes are different as the objectives are altogether different. Organizations need the skill sets focused and relevant to their field of operations while management institutes focus on building a generic leader.

To summarize, training does help but in case the personality of an aspiring leader is not receptive to various management tools and techniques then no amount of training can help.

Last but not the least there are three rules of the leadership through which one can aspire to become a successful leader. First rule recommends, leading by example. Second rule says, leading by example and third rule also says, leading by example.

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