Energy Efficiency Measures in Slowdown.

Economies world over are under recession which has continued for too long now. The GDP figures have shown downward trend in last 2-3 years. Organizations are looking towards cost cutting measures in a big way just to stay afloat. The natural tendency for any organization in troubled times is to cut down on the unnecessary expenditures. The finance personnel suggests many options to the CEOs of the units to reduce cash outgo. Energy Efficiency Measures though help in reducing the energy consumption but at the same time involve initial capital investments.

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Buying Tips for Energy Efficient Homes.

So you have decided to go in for your dream home. The once in a life time decision has to be a long pondered well thought of. Without careful consideration, you may end up buying up a home which may be the one guzzling energy at highest levels. After you have zeroed on to the location of your apartment complex, better to start early so that you can have the Energy Efficient Home as per your choice. The careful well thought of considerations are mentioned here.

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Green Living Tips for Residents of Flats.

Living green is the latest fad to hit the headlines. Green brigade has many suggestions when it comes to lifestyle with least carbon footprints. But there are hardly any suggestions when the need arises to guide flat residents. In this post we are trying to cover a topic which has not been touched with seriousness so far. Continue reading

Occupancy Sensors – Must For Green Buildings.

Occupancy or Proximity sensors are automatic scheduling devices that detect motion and turn lights on and off accordingly. We all are aware that lighting constitutes about 15% of the total energy requirement of any typical commercial building. There are many energy efficient ways through which lighting can be controlled to get the desired energy savings. People want lights for different purposes. Continue reading

How to make existing buildings green?

Green building fad has just hit the world. Majority of new buildings are being conceived with green concepts now. It is very simple and easy to plan a green building when you are conceiving it but immense potential exists waiting to be tapped in case of old buildings. It is very clear that you can not bring about comprehensive changes in to the existing buildings but you can certainly tweak around a little wee bit to get appreciable savings.
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