How to withstand the pressures of downsizing.

Restructuring, downsizing or shrinking in context of an organization means one and the same thing. During more stable times, managers tend to add many bureaucratic layers in an organization’s structure. These layers not only breed inefficiency but also results in cumbersome procedures and acts. These layers also slow down the organization’s response to many demanding situations.

Golden period of meteoric rise in our income levels and subsequent stable phase has abruptly ended. Everybody was expecting a fall and slowdown but nobody had expected it to be so sudden and of such a huge scale and proportion. These murkier times have brought in focus many harsh realities of life. These times aptly reminds one of Katharine Newman’s coined term of downward mobility. The term refers to many middle and top rung managers, who were considering their jobs safe, joining the ranks of non-managers who have just been laid off.

Organization will continue to look for ways and means to make their organization lean and agile. So employees are expected to have their antennas up and running to receive any such distress signals beforehand. Laying-off is never ever sudden and is resorted to after lots of discussions and analysis. So keep your eyes and ears open. Always look for avenues to add on to your already existing skill sets. Sensible organizations would always exhaust all options of re-employment before going in for any downsizing. Explore with your HR whether the same has been tried out in your case as well. If you are the affected person, try following:

  • Start looking for job switch, the moment you sense something wrong is going to come your way.
  • Leave with your head held high. You may be even joining back after the crisis is over.
  • Add on to your skill sets.
  • Take recourse to self employment. This phase may even prove to be a blessing in disguise for you.
  • Keep your self fit. Exercise regularly
  • Build your network.
  • Take deep breath and start looking for alternative appointments, even if at lower salary.

These times will soon pass away. Be full of optimism and energy.

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