How to practice perfect meditation!

It is said that through meditation, we come face to face with our soul. Self actualization dawns upon us and we sort of get rejuvenated. There are many ways through which one can go about meditation. One cannot learn or for that matter unlearn meditation in a day, a week or for that matter a month. It’s a gradual learning process which has to be learnt with lots of patience. You may take even years to conquer the final frontiers of meditation process.

To achieve perfect synchronization of mind, body and thoughts, one requires lots of patience, practice and purity of thoughts. Mere closing of eyes and letting your mind wander around is not mediation. A dishonest and perverted mind, selfish and immature individual can never achieve that perfect symphony which is prerequisite for meditation.

The theory goes other way round as well. If one is not trying even then one will never be able of have purity of mind and thoughts. So the important thing is to understand the benefits of meditation and seriously go about realizing the same. There are some basic steps which will help one in concentrating.

  • Morning time is best but you can also choose the evening time when you get back from work. Choose one corner of your room with your face facing east.
  • Take out a white square cloth. White relates to serenity. If possible cross or fold your legs. If even that is not possible, sit on a chair which has white sheet of cloth spread over it.
  • Close your eyes and start concentrating on your breathing. Visualize air going through your nostrils, wind pipe, entering in to your lungs. Feel your diaphragm going up and down.
  • Try concentrating on breathing only.
  • Now as you inhale start counting from one to ten.
  • As you exhale now start counting from ten to one.
  • Repeat at least ten time to start with.
  • Enhance the time duration as you progress from days to weeks to months.

Benefits will be discernible, once you religiously practice it up for a month. You may find yourself more composed, balanced and better prepared for problems. You may also be able get over your anxieties and be in control of your feelings and emotions. Once you program yourself, you can even meditate while you are travelling in an aircraft, bus or before going to sleep.

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