Password Strength

The strength of a password is a function of length, complexity, and unpredictability. Password strength is the measure of effectiveness of password in resisting the guessing or the iterations which are required to decode it. Using strong password does lowers chances of security breach. But having strong passwords does not obviate the need to have a secured framework. A strong password and a weak authentication system doesn’t go together. A well designed authentication system is as important as a strong password is.

Password Strength is dependent on two factors .

  • How the password is stored.
  • Length and complexity of characters in the password.

Password Strength Checker thumb Password Strength

There is an interesting website which helps in checking about the password strengths. The website Password Meter is a nice app and besides checking the strength of your password the website also explains about the factors which have direct bearing on the password strength. In case one decide to have Password Meter in the Web Form. One can refer the hyperlink.

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