Why Cloud Computing Not Taking-off.


clouds Why Cloud Computing Not Taking off.Cloud computing is the buzz word today. One can find many articles and blogs being written about cloud computing technology. Amazon, Google Docs, SkyDrive   and Azure are all cloud computing variants from different organizations. But the cloud computing movement is not taking progressing as the pundits had us to believe. There are some hard core skeptics who will never swear by Cloud storage. The top five reasons which are restricting the adoption of cloud computing technology can be narrated as below. Continue reading

Carbon Footprint Calculator


Environment awareness has been growing amongst common people nowadays. We are becoming aware of how much electricity we consume per day. We have started looking for energy efficient homes, cars and bikes. All electrical gadgets which are coming up now are labelled under some rating programs so as to make people aware of the energy efficiency of each such gadget.  Continue reading

Environment Friendly Homes

Awareness amongst the urban people towards going Green has been steadily growing. More and more educated and concerned individuals are opting for Green Homes . This trend is reflected in more and more Realtors showcasing Green features of their upcoming projects in their advertisements.  Noida’s Real Estate has been growing at break neck speed today. Two to three years timeline would see, Builders adding more than 50000 housing units in NCR.

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How to Make OpenOffice Run Fast.


openoffice1 How to Make OpenOffice Run Fast.OpenOffice is very popular amongst all web users because of so many reasons. The predominant ones which comes to my mind are its ability to open all MS Office documents and export them to PDF formats. All Linux users whether they are using Fedora or Ubuntu Distros, they download and install OpenOffice office productivity suite for their usages. With many improvemnts under its belt now, OpenOffice 3.2.1 Final is finally standing up to its illustrious peer MS Office 2010 now. There may even exists some gaps today but OpenOffice has so far stood out well against its rivals.   Continue reading

Enjoy Free e-books this Holidays

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kindle2 278x300 Enjoy Free e books this Holidays

E-readers are catching up nowadays. Thanks to e-readers like Amazon’s Kindle, Barnes and Noble’s Nook and Sony’s Reader, e-books are getting popular nowadays. You’ll find plenty of free e-books that you can legally download and keep. These are mostly public domain works, which means their copyright has expired.

Most of the e-books are classics. And the titles which are available on the internet are for newer and lesser known authors. Google has a huge collection of e-books. Continue reading

CFL or LED Lamps, which is the better alternative.

Not long ago, the only type of lighting source available to the world was incandescent and florescent lamps. America passed out Energy Independence and Security Act mandating the end of incandescent bulbs by 2012-2014 time period. This was a great step to conserve energy and limit the CO2 produced from fossil fuels. Continue reading

PanicButton, a Browser Extension to Keep Bosses in Good Humor.


If you work in an office environment and have a workstation allotted to you and your boss keep coming to your workstation on some pretext or the other, you often find it difficult keep tab on your stock investments and simultaneously posting status messages on Twitter and Facebook difficult. You feel your are good in multitasking and can manage office work along with many other things which gives you the kick but again you are wary of your office boss coming in and preening from behind. Continue reading

Google Chrome Browser Sheds Beta for Mac and Linux.

Google Chrome has finally shed Beta tag for Mac and Linux users.  This was one new avid Google Chrome fans on Mac and Linux were eagerly awaiting for long. Google Chrome has established itself as one of the better browser and has stood out well on test parameters against its rivals. There are many new features which have been added to make Google Chrome an exciting browser. Continue reading