, nice students utility

no1 thumb, nice students utility I was recently introduced to My daughter put forward a question last month over any good free student’s planner which might be existing on the web. I had suggested her many alternatives like sticky notes, Google docs, Google Calendar and a combination of all three to build up some sort of application. But suggested by one of my colleagues, when I tried, I was quite happy with what I saw and soon recommended it to my daughter. She also immediately liked it.

With you can do a lot.Students can manage their time, resources, semester schedules, notes etc. It can also be used as a monthly planner for students. One can import or type out all the courses, tasks from other sources. Tools are also another set of useful options where you have a calculator, unit converter, dictionary and a translator. I won’t call this a very rich application but tools are in a position to carry out most of the jobs that students look forward to.

no thumb, nice students utility

It even has a whiteboard where one can write and share the content with your chosen friends. Dashboard has the options like Calendar, Courses, Notes, Tasks, To-dos, Journal, Links, Tools, Contacts, Whiteboards, Uploads, Schedule, Friends, Grades, Quizzes, Questions, Mindmaps and Settings.

I would recommend it for all the students and teachers for managing their time and resources optimally. Know more about what you can do with through this guided tour.

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