Energy Savings Through 5 Star ACs

Energy Labelling program for ACs has been made mandatory from Jan 2010. Since then people have been sensitized towards the star rating program of BEE and are actually shelling out more to buy 5 star AC for their residential or commercial units. BEE had noted that way back in Jan 2010, there were more than 38 brands of ACs in the market. Quite a few of them were just energy guzzlers. The energy labelling program set out in 2010 to correct this anomaly in the  Air conditioner market.Minimum efficiency performance standards have been prescribed by BEE and the appliances are rated on the basis of energy efficiency indicated by suitable number of stars on the name plate label.

AC Energy Savings Through 5 Star ACs

There are 1-5 stars in the AC market and highest star rating indicates lowest energy consumption. is another initiative by BEE to let consumers calculate their own energy consumption through a user friendly interface with options like tonnage and star rating of ACs, size of the dwelling unit, number of hours of AC usage in a day/year. No doubt labelling of ACs has generated awareness amongst the masses and people are generally preferring to buy 3-5 star ACs only. Difference in the price of 3-star and 5-star ACs generally gets covered within 3-5 years span based on your usage hours.

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