Energy auditing your own home.


Energy audits are getting popular nowadays. There has been growing concern amongst all countries over climate change and carbon emissions. World over the countries are witnessing an increasing awareness amongst masses. Institutions are working overtime to ensure that energy efficient measures are adopted and world can be made a better place to live in for our next generations. Designated energy auditors and energy managers can now be found in every organizations. While there has been growing concern amongst masses over Home Energy Audits in organizations, institutions and buildings but little has been done to conduct home energy audits.energystar 550x430 150x150 Energy auditing your own home.
Homes world over consumes lots of excess electricity which otherwise can be easily saved. In our offices we have been used to proximity sensors and other gadgets for keeping tab on power and conserving water. But we can also identify with our lives in homes where air conditioner is kept on while no body is around, water taps keep running while we are shaving or brushing our teeth. Our homes are not sealed. There are heat losses in winters and summer time reminds us about many openings in the house which can be easily be sealed.
We make a resolve every now and then to set our house in order but we keep postponing it. Very few persons have never heard of the term “Home Energy Audits“. But slowly and steadily people are getting woken up. There exists tremendous potential in energy and resource conservations in our homes. There are knowledgeable experts in this field who offer Home Energy Auditswhich can help you save energy.
There is an adage “Charity begins at home”. Just go for it. Hire an expert and implement their advice. I am sure savings in your energy bill will be much more than the amount you will shell out to the energy consultant.

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Mike Rogers

Good recommendations–there are a lot of simple things people can do. And there are deeper improvements the make homes more energy-efficient (and safer and more comfortable at the same time) . Regarding the home energy audit, it’s important to get the right audit–accurate and actionable and looking at the right things like duct leakage, air infiltration, and equipment efficiency and combustion safety and an analysis of utility bills. For a bit more background on audits and additional links, follow my post at

Thanks and good luck!


I have always been interested in renewable energy. Ths post has enlightened me with some new ideas. Id like to start saving money on my energy bills and I know many people are already doing it. I found this site, it seems

like a good way to start my own renewable energy system at home.

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