Electrical Safety Audit -OHSAS

Every installation is required to adopt proper safety measures which can avoid or restrict number of accidents. There are many ways and methods which can be adopted to effectively establish a sound Occupational Health and Safety system in place.

The objectives of Electrical Safety Audit are:-


  • Electrical hazards identification and their assessment.
  • Implementing preventive measures for the same.
  • Review of electrical preventive maintenance ongoing programs
  • Compliance to the statutory requirement.
  • Examining safety procedures in maintenance and operation.
  • Scrutinizing the program to eliminate electrical fires.

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  • Physical inspection of the plant
  • Review of protection devices and adequacy of Cable,Motors and Drives with respect to current measurements
  • Checking earthing system.
  • Examination of plant lightning protection system as per recommended standards.
  • Transformer oil , IR and Earth resistance tests
  • Review of past electrical accidents and RCA.
  • Electrical Audit safety report along with Recommendation.

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Susanne Hayne

Love your blog, will be back again

varun rai

enquiry for electrical safety audit for FMCG Unit.

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