Docs PDF/PowerPoint Viewer as a Google Chrome Extention


Here is a useful utility to open and view PDF and PowerPoint files in the Google Chrome browser. Whenever we are searching documents either through IE, Google or for that matter any browser, we have to first download the file and then in the second step opne the documents.pdf1 300x103 Docs PDF/PowerPoint Viewer as a Google Chrome Extention But If one has Google Chrome installed then by using a smart Docs PDF/PowerPoint Viewer Chrome extention there is no need to download and then open the files. The Extenstion does that work and files can be viewed in the browser.  The documents get opened in good quality and they can be enlarged for a magnified view. This application will keep on downloading the documents while one is viewing them.  While the initial pages may look fine, the middle pages may appear blurred initially but will soon get all right.

pdf31 300x190 Docs PDF/PowerPoint Viewer as a Google Chrome Extention

If you already have Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Reader installed on your computer, PDF files may open with the Adobe plugin.  If you’d prefer to read your PDFs with the Docs PDF Viewer, then you need to disable the Adobe plugin.  Open chrome://plugins/ in the browser and click disable on Adobe Acrobat plugin.

Firefox also has an add-on which dispalys the PDF files nicely in the browser. View PDF online (NEW). This can convert PDF to an image and display it in the browser for quick viewing. Firefox users can download it here.

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