Backup Your Hard Drive Before It Fails

Like any electronic device, Hard Drive where we store our precious data also has some lifetime. The lifetime varies depending upon under which condition the Hard Drive is being used. Temperature, Humidity, dust etc. all these parameters affect the lifetime of a hard drive. Though a hard drive lasts on an average 5-10 years but it would be better if one is cautious after the lifetime of 3-5 years. Every hard drive gives early warning signs.

These signs are an indication that your Hard Disk is nearing its lifetime period and may fail any time. The data you have their is very precious. Your personal documents, health records, investment information and of course official data is all stored on your hard drive.

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Data recovery is technically possible but you still have fair chance that all your data would not get recovered. So what are the early warning signs.

  1. Slowing system, Freezes and blue screen: There can be other reasons as well but the moment you observe any of the above symptoms, you should immediately backup.
  2. Files failed to open up: Though you have saved files properly but now they are now opening. These are early warning signs and you must back up your data now.
  3. Sounds: Abnormal sounds definitely indicate that your hard disk is on ventilator now. And it will be too late if your have not backed up already.
  4. Bad Sectors: Bad sectors can always be checked by right clicking the drive and selecting properties. Too many bad sectors definitely signal that you must back up now.
  5. S.M.A.R.T details recorded by OS: There are some tools which help in predicting the health of your hard drive. CrystalDiskInfo is a S.M.A.R.T. based utility that supports not only internal drives, but both USB and IEEE1394′s as well.

But don’t wait till you start getting these signals. Regular backing up of your data should always be in your priority list. In order to avoid getting shock of your life just…..

Backup.. Backup… Backup… Backup

Image courtesy: Mac Users Guide

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