Spam sometimes is very irritating. Despite having guided junk boxes and well established algorithm to let your spam land directly in to junk boxes still sometimes spam do land up in your Inboxes. But posting your email address on your website, energy-efficiency or forums is sometime a necessity. There is an excellent way to get over this problem. Read More →

Developing countries like India and China is seeing lots of frenetic activities in the infrastructural development. While China has been seen hitting the top end in the growth saga many a times in the last decade, India is not far from rallying behind and has been trying to match China in every way. Buildings are responsible for more than 50% of carbon emissions worldwide. USA leads the way as their buildings due to the people’s lifestyle out there are energy guzzlers. US with EU countries have the highest per capita energy consumption in the world. Read More →

Solar Water Heating Systems are an integral feature of any green building. Solar water heating systems are employed even in conventional buildings for energy efficient measures. Today, there are many solar water heating systems which can be employed to even get temperatures more than the boiling water temperatures. But the common ones which are in domestic use can give easily temperatures up to 65 deg C.  Read More →

A hashtag is basically the Twitter equivalent of metadata on a message. If you want your website or energy-efficiency to be easily found in the search engines, you would add metadata in the website headers which will then be picked up by the Google spiders when they visit. Well, a hashtag is basically the Twitter equivalent. By appending hashtags to your tweets you help Twitter to easily link them.

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Eloquent speakers are hard to miss. They are always toasts of any gathering. But this is an attribute which very few people have. And definitely public speaking can be improved through concerted efforts. But as we approach the era of Short Messaging and micro energy-efficiencyging, public speaking appears to be a far cry. Read More →

Recession may ultimately prove to be a blessing in disguise for Solar PV enthusiasts world over. Prices have solar PV modules have taken a huge hit. Reason primarily lies in tonnes of supplies from China and slowdown in demand for Solar PV products in EU markets. While environmentalists will be happy with the trend they would indeed welcome the prospect of a Solar PV based plant breaking even in 16 years as compared to 22 years. China has a lot many Solar PV manufacturers with huge installed capacities.

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India’s Solar PV mission is expected to take off in grand style. India has put up well defined  milestones for Solar PV, 20 GW by 2020, 100  GW by 2030 and 200 GW by 2050. The targets are very very ambitious but quite possible to achieve. Solar PV manufacturing world over was plagued with high cost of manufacturing not so long ago. Advent of second generation (Thin film based) and third generation technologies (Nano-material,multi-Jn) is expected to bring down the cost considerably.

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