Aspiring students give lot of importance to Maths and Physics while they are preparing for IIT JEE. But, Chemistry always takes the back seat. If one takes the time spent on preparing for Maths, Physics and Chemistry. Physics and Maths would take 40% each while Chemistry has to contend with 20% of the total allotted logged studying hours. This has been the general trend. But those who excel at top level give due importance to Chemistry. In IIT JEE, if one can complete Chemistry questions in half an hour then this gives extra edge to the wannabe IITians. Read More →

Homeschooling was in past looked upon as the option exercised by conservationists who wouldn’t believe in established practiced norms about education and would believe in imparting education to their children at their own pace and beliefs. But over past decade or so the trend has caught on. More and more parents are now opting for Homeschooling flexibilities. But the issue here is to know whether you and your child meets the requisite criteria. Read More →

OCR stands for Optical Character Recognition. This technology is employed for converting image or PDF documents in to text with or without formatting. There are many tools which can be employed to get the desired results. But in case you are handling big documents where you would like to preserve the formatting then you should go in for paid services. But if you are looking for free online tools which can handle your requirements then the two websites which comes to my mind are Free Online OCR and Online OCRRead More →

The long awaited web MS Office is here now. The MS Office has dominated desktops with their Office suite for close to two decades now. Its rich applications like MS Word, MS Excel and MS PowerPoint have made the corporate world so dependent that these executive can’t dream of working without MS Office suite today. The present version Office 2007 was an improvement over the earlier Office XP and Office 2003.  But Google and Zoho have been eating in to Microsoft’s share on the pretext of their online availability. Microsoft had promised to move over to cloud sometime back and have now offered MS Office web apps for free. Read More →

In another year ECBC is expected to come into force. ECBC promoted by BEE India was launched in the year 2007 but due to not enough capacities being available to implement the same, the implementation was delayed. But with rapid development of infrastructure and associated economic growth, it is expected that ECBC would come in to practice quite soon.

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