Computer Heating Up! Install Core Temp or Real Temp


Life without computers and laptops is unthinkable today. We have become so much dependent on computers and Laptops that we have started taking them granted. CPU heating is frequently giving problems to your hard disks. Problem become all the more important with Laptops as they are being used at various locations which may not provide enough ventilation to the hot air coming out of mini fans which are being used to cool your processors. Continue reading

Visual Resume.

Prospective job-seekers have been using traditional resume to present themselves to their prospective employers. The methods have remained the same. Two page carefully drafted resume showcases the profile of job-seeker and brings forth strengths to the fore. Carefully drafted resume tries in its own way to fit-in the job-seeker in to the job profile.  Employers are still relying on traditional resumes to select and identify candidates who can fit in to the job and its role. Continue reading

Cloud Computing Security Concerns.

Cloud Computing is picking up but the IT enthusiasts would have liked its rate of progress a little bit better. Cloud Computing has seen more takers in small and medium sized segments compared to big industries which are still grappling with security concerns. Lot of chief information officers have expressed concerns about storing their data on public clouds.  Continue reading

.doc and .docx attachments, view right in your browser


s1 .doc and .docx attachments, view right in your browserHeavy Gmail users often complained over absence of a feature which would let them view the MS WORD document first without downloading, saving and then opening it. But ever improving Gmail has come out with an improvement which helps users to view the .doc and .docx files in the browser itself. Just like .ppt and pdf files, the hyperlink alonside the MS WORD  attachment can be clicked to view the files right in the browser. Continue reading