Laptops have become essential part of everybody today. Students, Executive, everyone is dependent upon laptops nowadays. iPad 2 or even the recent launch of Samsung Tablets will have not have any effect on the sales and usages of laptops in near future. But having said so, laptops thefts have been on the rise with many not even reporting it. The general feeling is that once a laptop is stolen there is hardly anything one can do to locate it.

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You have been daily working on the computers for close to 8-10 hours.You feel stressed and exhausted when you call it a day.You have already had bouts of back pain and numbness in your fingers. You had wished if I could change some part of my daily routine. There is a help available in form of Firefox Add-on which would remind you to stretch your muscles after some fixed intervals. You can yourself decide to fix time intervals.

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Google Maps has been one of the very popular app from Google Inc. It has almost become part of every body’s life in cities or even everywhere else. Whenever one is looking for any location, locality, restaurants or some other venue, the very first thing which comes to our mind is Google Maps. Whenever you have lost your way in the metro jungle, Google Maps on your cellphone would be your savior. In India where parents are concerned about their children going out and coming back late, Google Maps with its Latitude feature has become a boon for the worried parents. Read More →

Indian authorities want IITs to shed their aura of exclusivity and let it reach hundreds of engineering students of other colleges and institutes who are grappling with acute faculty shortages. It is not that the IITs are in an enviable position as regards students to faculty ratio is concerned. But through the National Mission on Education through ICT, authorities want the IIT course content to reach a wider audience. Government has earmarked roughly Rs 46 Bn for this cause. Brand IIT has remained an exclusive domain where ordinary mortals had little access. But this move may help not so lucky students of other engineering colleges to understand how and what exactly the IITians are taught. Read More →

Google Docs usage has been on the rise. The best thing about them is they are available every time you log in to your account. You don’t have to worry about loading them in to your laptops or USB drive while you are away from your work place. But what happens when you don’t have access to Internet where you intend to proceed and you tend to utilize your spare time constructively working on your documents or preparing for your presentation. Read More →

Programming was a sunrise career not long ago. The guys were doing some hardcore coding to add value to their clients mainstream work. The results were there for all to see. Relational data base were used to back ends and PHP/.Net/Java etc were used to be the front end coding languages. This was not long ago. Programming is still a good profession albeit not a paying one any more. Too much competition and cheap labor has made IT lose its sheen and it is today like any other profession. Read More →