Apartment Size Impacts Your Energy Consumption.

With more and more people moving towards apartments and multi-storied buildings, the energy usage pattern has undergone remarkable shift. In western world, the heating and cooling accounts for about 50% of Energy Consumption. Apartment Size does impacts the energy consumption significantly.

It is fallacy that when we were young and had began our family life, we could not have afforded big houses. But the moment, we are in to our fifties, we tend to have lots of disposable money and we shift to bigger houses. This apparently is not a healthy practice which promote energy conservation.

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As we grow, our children set out on their own paths and that leaves parents behind. One has be very judicious is selecting the right size of their apartments. Because, the energy usages bring about recurring expenditure which can be controlled through appropriate apartment size.

The energy bills are directly proportional to the apartment size as cooling and heating requirement depends upon the apartment size. In south east Asian countries, for a family of four members, 1250 to 1350 sq ft as the super area is more than enough. This presumes that carpet area to super area is 70%.

Apartment maintenance is also very much significant as the same is also dependent upon the apartment size. For elderly couple who are leading a retired life, an apartment size of 1000 sq ft is considered as quite optimum in Indian metros.

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