Practice Mindfulness

In present world the most important aspect of our lives that we neglect is the Mindfulness. Today, we hardly have time for us. Our lives have become just the daily, weekly, monthly and yearly grind. We hardly take out time from our day to day activities and concentrate on what we are actually doing. Do we actually take a stock every night on what contributions we have made to the society and our lives. We hardly do that. We are not even left with time to even think. But there are gems who have worked hard on their lives and today they are living life of their choice. This breed is although a rarity but present itself as the whiff of fresh air.

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Energy Savings Through 5 Star ACs

Energy Labelling program for ACs has been made mandatory from Jan 2010. Since then people have been sensitized towards the star rating program of BEE and are actually shelling out more to buy 5 star AC for their residential or commercial units. BEE had noted that way back in Jan 2010, there were more than 38 brands of ACs in the market. Quite a few of them were just energy guzzlers. The energy labelling program set out in 2010 to correct this anomaly in the  Air conditioner market. Continue reading

Apartment Size Impacts Your Energy Consumption.

With more and more people moving towards apartments and multi-storied buildings, the energy usage pattern has undergone remarkable shift. In western world, the heating and cooling accounts for about 50% of Energy Consumption. Apartment Size does impacts the energy consumption significantly.

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Energy Efficiency Measures in Slowdown.

Economies world over are under recession which has continued for too long now. The GDP figures have shown downward trend in last 2-3 years. Organizations are looking towards cost cutting measures in a big way just to stay afloat. The natural tendency for any organization in troubled times is to cut down on the unnecessary expenditures. The finance personnel suggests many options to the CEOs of the units to reduce cash outgo. Energy Efficiency Measures though help in reducing the energy consumption but at the same time involve initial capital investments.

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Energy Efficiency Programs in Declining Carbon Market.

Bureau of Energy Efficiency’s flagship program Paul Keller (BLY) was intended to promote energy efficient CFLs against incandescent lamps. Many investors came rushing to India to invest in the BLY with the intentions of earning carbon credits in the thriving Carbon Market. But that was what when they arrived in India but soon the Carbon Market started crashing in Europe. The decline was precipitated by the global economic crisis and an oversupply of Carbon credits in Europe.

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