People are gradually moving towards living in apartments. There are definite advantages of  a life lived in apartments. When we think of building smart cities, the very first thought that we have is to build clusters of apartments where people can be gradually shifted. Apartment living definitely creates lesser carbon footprint than living in independent houses. Green apartment is nothing but an apartment either in a Green Building or an apartment where one has adopted a number of steps which are helping in resource conservation and energy savings. Our fathers have lived all their lives in independent houses and even, we have spent our childhood in those lovely houses with courtyards and lots of spaces in front and back. Read More →

Designing a building, ideally is left to professionally qualified architects who are better placed to deal it with. But a learned house or a flat owner would always be benefitted if he or she is exposed to intricacies of building orientation. It is a known fact that buildings should generally be south facing. This not only helps in maximizing Day Lighting but also helps in reducing the glare and mitigating the overheating. A properly oriented building  throughout its life, will keep saving energy and contributing towards reducing the Carbon Foot Print.

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Smart Cities have been defined in many ways. The urban urban migration leading to vertical growth in city landscape is a necessity in any smart city. Smart cities lays a lot of emphasis on Green Building and Energy Efficiency. The concept paper on Smart Cities neatly sums up the energy concerns “Good areas to focus energy efficiency measures would be the building material used, the transport system, sewerage and water supply systems, street lighting, air-conditioning systems and energy consumption in buildings.”

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Glass facades were earlier synonymous with the commercial structures and high rise office buildings but today their acceptance is steadily gaining in modern homes as well. Glass facades allow natural light and heat to enter into the structure and thus are an important facets of Green Buildings. However improper fitments and sealing gaps may also let in cold air. Today Glass Facades have become essential part of the Architectural design and based on the orientation of building and zoning pattern, there can be more than one type of glass glazing types being employed in buildings.

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Our present decade started with concerns over high rise buildings in the wake of Sept 11, 2001 episode. But that was only for few initial years. March to pridely own the tallest buildings continued unabated. Taiwan, Shanghai and now Dubai rivalled with one another to have the tallest man made structure in their country.  Even so, security fears had a severe and depressing effect on architecture, taking their greatest toll on public and government structures, such as embassies, which became even more fortress-like and forbidding than ever. Read More →

Environment awareness has been growing amongst common people nowadays. We are becoming aware of how much electricity we consume per day. We have started looking for energy efficient homes, cars and bikes. All electrical gadgets which are coming up now are labelled under some rating programs so as to make people aware of the energy efficiency of each such gadget.  Read More →

We live in a world where we are networked almost 24×7 hours. With net savvy young children, young professional, corporate excutives, senior professionals working through their gadgets, smart phones and laptops, there is hardly any one in the literate world who is not online. Internet has made people boring and reclusive. Today people are willing to let their exercise regimen go astray for the sake of being networked and connected. Very often we feel the urge to check our mobiles and emails to know whether some message has landed in to our inbox. There are young and old alike who will keep their email client open and keep pressing send/receive option to make sure that they don’t waste any time in responding to the messages. Read More →

CSR, Corporate Social Responsibility is spoken in very heavy words at almost every press conference which a company organizes to announce their results. It has become a mandatory page on any organizations’ annual report. There are graphs and images showing what the companies are doing for the society at large. There is no denying fact that there are some trusted organizations who have an established past and are still pursuing their CSR agenda with almost the same enthusiasm. But these organizations are a few and can be counted on finger tips.  Read More →

P365x52-12: Control, Option, CommandWe all work a lot with MS Word. It is one of the most popular office productivity suite from Microsoft stable. In addition to using it as a normal user, one can resort to shortcut keys to ehnace productivity substantially. Here is the list of MS Word Shortcut keys. Read More →

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