Energy Simulation is Cheaper to Constructing a Building with Heavy Carbon Footprint.

Energy Simulation or Energy Modelling has still not caught the building owners attention. Planners, Architects generally attempt Energy Modelling only with the objective Certification.  But the fact is Energy Modelling … Continue Reading →

Green Buildings – Higher Cost?

Green Buildings might have been a relatively new term for all of us but most of our ancient buildings were based on concept of sustainability. The old buildings used to … Continue Reading →

Proximity Sensors for Energy Efficient Buildings

Occupancy or Proximity sensors are automatic scheduling devices that detect motion and turn lights on and off accordingly. We all are aware that lighting constitutes about 15% of the total … Continue Reading →

Energy Simulation for Buildings

LEED AP or for that matter IGBC AP are generally dependent upon the Energy Simulations professionals who have been trained on various energy simulations model like eQUEST and EnergyPlus. Energy … Continue Reading →

Carbon Footprint Calculator

Environment awareness has been growing amongst common people nowadays. We are becoming aware of how much electricity we consume per day. We have started looking for energy efficient homes, cars … Continue Reading →

Sun Light Calculations

Planning to buy a new flat, independent villa or apartment. There are many points which you ought to figure out before deciding about the location and which floor to zero-in … Continue Reading →

Net Metering and Distributed Generation Systems

India has an ambitious Solar Energy capacity addition program of adding 100 GW by the year 2022. Out of above 40 GW is expected to be added through Roof Top … Continue Reading →

Energy Efficiency and Smart Cities

Smart Cities have been defined in many ways. The urban urban migration leading to vertical growth in city landscape is a necessity in any smart city. Smart cities lays a … Continue Reading →

Building Management System Green Buildings

Building Management System (BMS) is an intelligent management system involving integration of software and hardware with the objective to manage varied electrical and mechanical systems of the Green buildings. BMS … Continue Reading →

Green Apartment

People are gradually moving towards living in apartments. There are definite advantages of  a life lived in apartments. When we think of building smart cities, the very first thought that … Continue Reading →